Monday, October 11, 2010

GED Testing

In 2 days, (October 13 and 14) I will be taking test to obtain my General Equivalency Diploma and needless to say, I'm fucking nervous. It's not like I don't know my shit, I do It's just general nervousness. I've taken pretest for it and have scored awesome on them, only getting one or two wrong. I know these things are cake to pass even for people with half a brain, but that being said I'm still a bit nervous. I don't want to fail, not at all. (even though if a fail a section I can retake it)

But hey, It's better than sitting in this shitfuck of an education system we have. Sure some people may disagree but I think it sucks. We put kids in school, sit them in front of books, and give them the task of memorizing and repeating facts day in and day out. Then we test their "intelligence" by regurgitating these facts on sheets of paper. You don't understand, too bad, deal with it, you are a nothing in the eyes of society. I really find it hard to see how this can measure any type of actual intelligence, sure they can memorize shit. But what about forming any kind of original though, why don't we put any emphases on this? Sure, we can train kids to be In-the-system daily grind 9 to 5 suit workers. But what does that accomplish?  Just more workers for corporate America to me. Don't get me wrong here, Education is important. I just think the way we are doing in isn't quite right.